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Awana Programs

Awana Children's Discipleship Forum (ACDF)

The ACDF is a national convention of leaders of churches and like-minded parachurch ministries focused on a specific goal: to equip, empower, and inspire churches and organizations in discipling the younger generation. This convention provides avenues for leaders to fine-tune or reconsider existing mindsets and methodologies, as well as learn new ones, in order to increase the effectivity and sustainability of their own initiatives.

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4-14 Forum

Awana’s 4-14 Forum gives churches an overview of how Awana works and equips them to begin an AWANA ministry and to reach children in their community for Christ. The name of the forum is derived from a concept called the 4-14 Window – children of the world between the ages of 4 and 14, which is the world’s largest, and most reachable missions demograph

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Seed Planters' Conference

SPC is a three to five days training for new Awana leaders and pastors who have just started Awana clubs. This basic training allows participants to go through lectures based on their preferred curriculum, and provides in-depth and hands-on learning on running an Awana club.

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Relentless Youth

Awana’s Youth Ministry reaches the youth in different parts of the Philippines through campus ministries. Here youth volunteers from other campuses conduct weekly Bible studies with the students, while leaders disciple these students through their own small groups.

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Awana Olympics

The Awana Olympics allows clubbers to represent their clubs or churches and compete against the others clubs in the same area or region. Besides providing an avenue for friendly competition and fostering camaraderie amongst clubbers within an area or region, the Olympics provides an opportunity to reach out to the clubbers’ parents as well.

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Summer Camp

The Summer Camp is one of Awana’s more collaborative initiatives with church and community partners clubbers receive serious training in preparation for future leadership roles, while participating in recreational activities and social functions.

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Summer Camp Photo

Prevent Teenage Pregnancy Advocacy

Awana Philippine strongly believes that our youth can resist the path towards teenage pregnancy only through a strong moral foundation and unshakeable confidence in life, which one can find through an intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and involvement in His church. Awana contributes in this regard through raising awareness amongst the young generation, as well as educating and rallying parents and communities to actively participate in dealing with this fast rising national problem.

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