Hazel Ann Erpe

Awana clubber, school awardee, and child warrior

Of all the kids in the world, why me?

“Of all the kids in the world, why me?” This is but one of the many questions Hazel had when she first attended Awana.

In 2013, a tumor was found in Hazel’s brain, which forced her family to have her go through a major operation. The procedure successfully removed the tumor, but with a price – it took away Hazel's sight. The pain beind Hazel’s question drew from an extraordinary experience.

Hazel’s condition made her mother constantly worry for her. But for Hazel, her condition was an occassion for faith and hope that she will certainly see her Beloved Lord in her own eyes in the world to come.Despite her blindness, Hazel herself became a vessel of strength to her mother, a constant reminder to wholeheartedly accept the Lord’s gracious providence.

Hazel faithfully participates in their church’s AWANA club, demonstrating joy and faithfulness amidst adversity, and with an eagerness for learning, especially from God’s Word. In all of these, she learned to understand better the Lord’s gracousness and the wonderful plans He has for her.

The child who was once full of questions is now brimming with certainty – a certainty that transcends both this earthly life and present age. And this certainty pushes Hazel to live life for the fullest glory of the Lord – on April 4, 2018, she graduated in grade school as a Conduct Awardee. Stories like Hazel’s serve as constant encouragement for Awana.