Lester Isidro

Awana student center volunteer since 2016

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I was fatherless and broken until I encountered our Heavenly Father.

Lester came from a broken family; at a tender age of 6, his father left him and his three siblings with their mother, who was a frequent volunteer for livelihood programs in their baranggay. While two of his brothers were old enough to assist their mother financially, Lester and his other brother were still students and too young to help the family. His father’s abandonment left Lester feeling deeply hurt and vulnerable, with no one to provide the physical and emotional security only a father can give.

Lester’s burden lingered for years until one visit to the Awana Student Center. Through a Bible study session using as guide Awana’s “Roots of Faith”, Lester learned of our Heavenly Father who loves so lavishly that He had sent His own Son to suffer and die for us, and have secured for us a place in Paradise (John 14:2). The Gospel freed Lester from his despair and gave him hope that conquered his past and present.

Since then, Lester continued dropping by the Student Center, and in the process grew in obedience and helpfulness. In fact, he volunteers every afternoon in cleaning the Student Center.

By God’s grace, Lester’s story changed from being fatherless and broken to being loved and renewed. And Awana is grateful to have been part of this story.