Zenitha Bislig Anaca

School administrator and Awana Club overseer

Zenitha Anaca
I am taking part in expanding God’s Kingdom.

For Teacher Zee, overseeing the Student Center in Awana has been the most challenging work she has done. Being a pioneer worker, she saw the ups and downs of the labor; she said, “you work from having zero to a hundred children get involved in Awana, and then see some of them leave because of the worldly forces that pull them out, and afterwards working twice as hard to bring them back. The task was never easy, but with the sincerity of your love to supplement the clarity of the Gospel, you get to see results.”

Teacher Zee’s faithfulness in Awana brought her to a well-known but easily forgotten truth – that the battle ultimately belongs to the Lord. Whatever efforts we have poured in and the victories we have gained have been due solely by God’s amazing grace.

At present, Teacher Zee serves as an Administrator Officer at Floridablanca Christian Academy, where she has an opportunity to oversee the Awana Club there and teach more than 190 students weekly. Having faithful co-laborers like Teacher Zee, who not just teaches but lives out Christ’s love for children as well, is an immense blessing not just to Awana but to the entirety of the Lord’s church.